Last time I wrote a blog it was entitled ‘Chinese Smog – the problem with pollution’! It was for my third-year module at Uni and ironically I got my highest mark of my whole degree for that ‘piece of work’ – so fingers crossed for this ‘piece of work’

So I’ve arrived! The flight wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get searched at the airport, I didn’t sit next to anyone terrified of flying or seriously overweight. They are my norm’s. So I’m taking that as a good omen. I also did NOT leave my passport at the airport…. winnning!!!

I arrived at Cancun airport in 32 degree heat with a hoodie and trainers on. Within minutes of being outside you’d think I’d been swimming. So after waiting for a shuttle for 40 minutes and de-robeing I was on my way. ( not all of my blog posts are going to be this in detail by the way, it’s just that it’s 6am and I don’t think I can get off my top bunk without waking the guy below – it’s very rickety)!

I was the last person to be dropped off, everyone else in the shuttle was dropped at grand hotels, and plush complex’s – I, off course was dropped off outside what looked to be a closed shop which in fact was my hostel!

I paid, well I tried too, the machine wouldn’t accept any of my cards and I tried to explain; it can’t be my cards, if your machine won’t accept all 4 of them! So there was that little debacle but all and all very smooth running.

To the room! On the third floor, bunk A – a top bunk! I never have been any good at clambering onto a top bunk and I have to say that has not improved. With the elegance of a giraffe trying to do the ballet I launched myself into the top bunk. Success! Now I just have to stay here all night as I made it up there!

Have to say, driving around Cancun for an hour that I’m not particularly a fan. I remember studying it at school for mass tourism. And that has not changed.

Looking forward to heading out to Isla Mujeres tomorrow.

Ok enough from me, until the next one 😊

3 thoughts on “Starting out

  1. The thought of a Giraffe dancing in the Nutcracker Suite is beyond my imagination. Look forward to chapter two this could be the start of a blockbuster travelogue. Xx


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