When I arrived in Cusco I was exhausted, by the time I got into my room I hadn’t sleep for 36 hours so as you can imagine I slept! I slept all afternoon and all night. I thought I’d feel better the next morning but I think the altitude was catching up with me. So I made sure I had looooots of coca tea and headed out to do the walking tour, it’s most definitely the best way to see a city and cusco is so cool.

It was really good fun, i’d definitely recommend – very easy to find too as it starts in the centre of the main plaza, Plaza de Armas. At this point I was still mulling over in my head what I was going to do about Machu Picchu and whether I was going to do a trek/jungle tour.

The walking tour was good fun, and informative and ended up in a bar with free ceviche tasting and a pisco sour. I won’t say no to that! I’d met an Aussie couple and guy from the US on the tour and at the end we decided to stay for some more cocktails as the view was lovely.

More cocktails then turned into a bottle of red and a guinea pig! As all great days do haha… it was going to turn into a big night but I think the Aussies fell asleep so Jeff and I went for soup – biiiig night out! You should go to Mr Soup – it’s yummy.

The next day was census day in Peru so there was nobody about and nothing was open! It was soooo empty and so strange.

As nothing was open we hung out at Loki hostel and then walked around Cusco – it was a very chilled day and much needed to adjust to the altitude.

For days I’d been thinking about how I wanted to do Machu Picchu, whether I wanted to do a 4 day trek, or one of the jungle tours with activities and I’d been making myself feel guilty that I didn’t wanna do the trek and then I realised that I should just do what I want.

So I went up to Agua Calientes by train with Jeff, the American guy Id met on the walking tour. The route was beautiful, absolutely stunning scenery and actually I really enjoyed the train ( I’ve done way too many buses in the last three months)!!

When we arrived in Agua Calientes I got serious deja vu – I realised it’s really like Yangshuo in China near Guilin or maybe that’s just me! I walked around all afternoon, went to the market ( sooooo much to buy, I had to buy an obligatory llama) and had a ‘ I’m doing Machu Picchu tomorrow’ cocktail 🎉

One night in Agua Calientes and then MACHU PICCHU eeeeek. It was an incredible day and pretty hard work without even doing the trek. Up at 3.30am, and in at 6….. to this incredible view:

MP appearing out of mist was magical, breathtaking and actually pretty surreal. The day was incredible but in parts ruined for me by the amount of people there….. so, many, people!

Not only is the Inca city incredible and frankly unbelievable when you start thinking about how the hell they could have built it but the surrounding mountains are also stunning ( we were really lucky with the weather)!

It’s incredible, once you move the people!

I think my favourite part of the day was walking up to the Sun gate, which should not have been so hard other than the fact I had no air! Altitude doesn’t seem to give me headaches or sickness, just no oxygen. Luckily this guy had the patience of a saint whilst I got there…

The view from the Sungate was stunning and being up there it was so quiet. Just looking down on MP – such an iconic view.

Whilst I was up there I saw a girl meditating so I thought I’d give it ago. I’ve never meditated before and I don’t think I got there but I’ve most definitely never felt that peaceful.

We stayed up there until 2.30 and then decided it was time to leave – but only after I got a selfie with a llama ( which took a while ha)

Back at the bottom it didn’t feel real, I was on the train back to Cusco looking at the photos and I felt like I was photo shopped into them. To be honest, it’s been nearly a month and it still doesn’t feel real. I’m not sure it ever will.

It was magical, I think that’s the best way and the only way I can describe it.

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