San Pedro de Atacama

Getting to San Pedro from the salt flats was quite a shock to the system, it was really hot and I was still wearing all of my layers and had no room in my bag for them. I was seriously hot. The mini bus, after clearing the border dropped us in the centre of town, and San Pedro is not a big town so I assumed that my hostel that was supposedly only 10 mins away would be fine……. we spoke to three different people and they gave us three lots of directions – IN different directions!!!! So after we walked for nearly 40 minutes we found the hostel. Soooo hot! No voice and feeling horrendous it was a long 40 mins!

San Pedro was so different to anywhere I’d been for the last 3 months, not only the temperature but so many tourists and it was seriously expensive! But it was cute. It’s quite a strange place. A town that’s just been placed in the desert 🌵

Unfortunately the thing that I mainly went to San Pedro for I couldn’t do as there was a full moon. The astronomy tours were cancelled 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon. Annoyingly I arrived the day before the full moon. Ah well, next time. Apparently it’s amazing ha.

So instead the next day I had a lovely day chilling out in the sunshine and hanging out with people I’d met on the salt flats tour – Niall and Carla are from a town really close to my family in Ireland which is cool. Also Dave and Bec from Sydney 😊 who were finally enjoying being warm ha.

The next day I decided to do a tour of Lagoon Cejar and the salt lagoons Chile side – at lagoon cejar you can float like the Dead Sea.

Unfortunately if you do a tour, all the of agencies go from 4 in the afternoon so they are all there at the same time so if I did it again I’d do it independently and just get a taxi to the lagoon. It’s $17,000 to get in however, so you wanna spend a decent amount of time there.

Second stop on the tour was the sink holes, these are fresh water or sweet water as the guide told us ha…

According to our guide they are ‘extraordinarily deep’ and sweet haha

Third stop – salt lakes!!Which were gorgeous with the back drop of the Andes and the sun setting.

And a pisco sour helped

A beautiful sunset in the desert 🌵

The next day I flew down to Santiago see Sam and Max! Eeeeek so exited to see them.

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