Udaipur ❤️❤️

I feel like Udaipur needs its own blog post. It’s such a special place, and one of the only places I’ve been to in India where you can feel completely relaxed and there’s a slower pace about it. It also helps that it’s beautiful.

Our hotel in Udaipur was right on the lake with a roof top restaurant that looked over the lake to the other side. It was the first time that I’d felt really warm since being in India and it was nice to bask in the sunlight for a couple of hours before exploring.

Giri took us to Janak Arts to start with. If you want henna, yoga, art or cooking/art glasses it’s the place to go. We booked our classes for the next day. I booked Yoga in the morning (if you know me I hate yoga but I couldn’t turn down yoga at sunrise on a roof terrace in India. It just has to be done), palm reading, and henna. They are all artists and they showed off their beautiful artistic skills by drawing on our nails with paints.

I loved my peacock but as I don’t have nice nails I ruin its beauty but some of the others had such intricate ones.

In the evening we took a boat trip around Lake Pichola, just before sunset. For those of you who have been following my Instagram you will know my love of sunsets. This photo was actually taken at a roof top bar that was at the edge of the lake perfect for sunset gazing.

Later that night we went to watch some local dancing. All tightly packed into a small courtyard, with lots of Indian tourists we watched as the Rajasthani women danced with pot after pot on their heads. It was very interesting to watch and the colours of this local dance were so vibrant. The dance ended with an older lady coming in and adding more and more pots to her head, standing up, sitting down and all the while balancing about 11 pots on her head. It’s hard to explain!! The photo below is a much better visual representation than my awful explanation.

I’d recommend going if you are in Udaipur. Especially if you are there a couple of nights. Also go to the Courtyard for dinner, we went there after and it was delicious. Really good food and a nice atmosphere.

The sunrise over Udaipur was pretty spectacular as we waited for our yoga instructor to turn up. We had the class on the roof of our hotel looking over the lake. I’m not likely to do yoga again with that kind of view and tranquility and actually I found my skeptical self really enjoying it. It was nice to stretch out my body after sitting on long buses and trains and sleeping in some rather odd places over the last 6 months. And nobody laughed at me because I can’t sit cross legged 🙈

My next activity for the day was Henna!!!!! My design was beautiful and the guy did it was such ease and all off the top of his head, not from a design.

I’ve always wished I was more creative, and this feeling was intensified watching him work. It’s a skill passed on from generation to generation and it’s so clever.

In the afternoon before going to the Palace to explore, I had my palm read. Again I’m usually very skeptical about palm readings etc but I came out of the session nearly in tears. The man was so accurate about my past and my personality. I also hope that his prediction for the future is accurate haha but who knows! Either way I came away ever so slightly freaked out and so glad I did it. It was my ‘when in Rome’ moment.

If you go to Udaipur it’s worth going to see the Palace, for the views alone if nothing else and the beautiful archways.

That night most of the group did a cooking glass and a few of us choose to go out for a few beverages and enjoy chilling out in stunning Udaipur. I’d definitely recommend it the city, even just wandering the streets I enjoyed. Seeing all the artwork. This elephant was my personal favourite and if someone could paint that on my wall at home I’d be very appreciative haha

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