I’d been recommended in Goa to stay in the South where the beaches are more beautiful and it’s less touristy! I dread to think what the north is like if it’s more touristy as I thought the South was pretty touristy. In fact, it was a bit of a shock to the system as Goa isn’t really like India. It’s like a different country altogether. Much more like Thailand in a way than India. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful but where were the beeping horns, the chaos and there were so many foreigners haha.

It took me a couple of days to relax into being in Goa. Firstly as I hadn’t sat still in months and felt like I’d forgotten how to relax. But when your view is like this every morning, it gets easier and easier!

Patnem beach where we were staying was lovely. I’d been recommended it by a friend who said I’d love it and he was right (Thank you, Andrew!). Originally I’d planned to spend a week there on my own and had booked myself into the Palm Trees resort but I managed to drag my roommate from my tour down for 5 days, which was lovely. It only took some gentle persuasion to change her flight home to Goa instead. In fact, after a bit of rum, we wrote an email to her travel agent asking to change all her flights. Ooops 😛. It was so nice to have company though and I’m so glad she came with me.

Patnem is about an hour and a half from the only airport in Goa so it’s worth booking a shuttle with your resort. It costs about £20 so also worth sharing if possible.

The little resort we were staying in was designed by the owner, who’s from Kerala, and the bungalows were designed like the Keralan houseboats. It was really good value and close to the beach. I loved our little hut.

Most of the days we hung out at either Patnem beach or Palolem, 10 minutes down the road by tuk-tuk. Other girls from our tour up north came down to join us also which was lovely.

Palolem is much busier than Patnem but still lovely, especially if you walk to the northern end of the beach at sunset.

The great thing about being in Goa was that I could have all the things I was craving, salt and vinegar crisps for one haha and also huge bowls of fresh fruit each morning with fresh honey and yoghurt. Each night you could have freshly caught fish that was delicious and displayed for you to pick from. I had the red snapper a couple of nights which was scrummy.

One day we decided to go exploring! We’d been told that further down the coast there were beautiful untouched beaches so we embarked on a little adventure only to get stopped at the first hurdle. At low tide, you can walk between Patnem beach and the next beach. Unfortunately, low tide wasn’t when we’d been told so we walked to the end, tried to climb the rocks around and decided that was not a good idea. Turning around and walking back the way we came we thought we’d get a tuk-tuk down to the other beaches and then walk back up the coast when the tide was properly out. Nope, that cannot be done either as the tuk-tuks can’t get to the beaches without going around the inlet which takes hours. So, we got dropped off by a kind tuk-tuk driver in a little village just down the coast, got a 50 rupees boat across the inlet and then started to walk down the coast. We found long white deserted sandy beaches. Sadly we couldn’t find our way down to the turtle beach we were looking for as the tide still appeared too high but the other beaches were just as lovely.

After a refreshing swim to cool us down we enjoyed laying on the nearly empty beach, that was until I got nipped by a crab who’d obviously decided I was laying on his home. Funnily enough, after that, I wasn’t so keen to lay on the beach!

We made our way back to Patnem beach which took us about an hour. This time the tide was fully out so we could walk back easily. I did manage to burn my feet getting onto the boat to cross the inlet which was a stupid thing to do but I didn’t know the rubber would be so hot and I didn’t want to lose my shoes (again!) to the sea.

The last couple of days in Goa were lovely and just what I needed before embarking on the journey down south to meet the Parentals in Kochi.

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